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Monday, January 31, 2011

3 months on....

Three months ago, we set out on this Dark Side adventure. It's been a pleasure to see more and more people join us here.

Personally, I can't believe it's been three months. Can you?

I think we have found our rhythm now. What with good news, giveaways and blog posts on different topics, and of course a highlight - darklight - on our members.

So how do you think we are doing?


  1. I think you are all doing wonderfully! Congrats on the 3 months!!

    xo Nat

  2. Three months has gone by so fast! I think you're doing awesomely. :) I am dreaming of one day joining up.

  3. So glad to hear ladies. And Jaime, we welcome new members (though have to be a member of Romance Writers of Australia and the paranormal group) :) you can check out RWAus at http://romanceaustralia.com

  4. Thanks for the info. :) I'm planning on joining RWA once we get moved this week.

  5. Good luck on the move Jaime and we'll wait for you on the dark side ;)