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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Darklight On…Michelle de Rooy: Q&A

 Welcome to DarkSider Michelle de Rooy to the Darklight On...!!

How did you come to write speculative fiction? What attracted you to the genre?

Hello, Eleni! Thanks for the invite. Well, I've always had this 'thing' for SciFi, etc. Anything that had space in it, or even alluded to having something to do with space was a huge thrill for me. Then I was given a copy of The Lord of the Rings for Christmas when I was 11 and that was it for me. I found my home! From then on, I read anything and everything about fantasy, SciFi, robots, ANYTHING spec fiction I could get my hands on. Which was really hard considering I live in a rural area with no book shop, waaay before the Internet!

I had the idea for my fantasy manuscript when I was about 16. I tried to write it several times, the last being when I was at Uni. I just couldn't get it right, couldn't find the right place to start the story.

You have been doing extremely well in the writing competitions lately. Congratulations. Can you let our readers know what these achievements have been? Does finalling give you more confidence in your writing?

Thanks!! I must say, I've had a fantastic year, and I certainly didn't expect it. First, I came 2nd RWNZ Strictly Single; then 2nd in the RWA Emerald Award, which was so awesome; then 4th in the Valerie Parv Award; Next was 2nd in the RWNZ Clendon Award. But the best bit of all was receiving the RWNZ Clendon Reader's Choice Award. It was so unexpected and such a huge thrill. I couldn't get the smile of my face for weeks. Even now just thinking of it (and looking at the trophy!!) it makes me get a sloppy smile all over again.

Also, I received word a couple of weeks ago that I have finaled in the Strictly SIngle with my fantasy manuscript and just last night that the same ms has finaled in the WHRWA Emily. So, what a year!

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in-between?

I would love to say I'm a plotter, but unfortunately that just isnt the case!! Im a pantser, through and through. I try hard at plotting, but it just dries up my inspiration and sends my muse packing to Barbados, straw hat and all!! Unfortunately my brain just doesn't work that way, so I'm stuck the way I am.

Who are you favorite authors?

Now, that's a loaded question! Raymond E Feist, Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, Anne Stuart, Robin Hobb, plus many others. My new favorite and someone who is going to stay on my shelf for a long time is JR Ward. MAN!!! Am I in love with those Brothers... Or, should I say, one in particular...

What are you currently reading?

JR Ward!! LOL.

Do you have a favorite spec fiction movie or TV series?

Battlestar Galactica - the new one. V - both the new and old, that Anna's one mean mother! Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars... Im kind of seeing a pattern here! Maybe I'll have to write an alien book next! Mysterious Ways, even though it only lasted a few seasons. The X Files. I could go on forever.

And last but not least, LOTR. Man, I love elves. Which is why a hot, hunky one ended up in my manuscript!

Do you have a favorite of your characters?

Hmm. Yes, although I shouldn't! It's a toss up, but I have to be honest and lean towards Cas, my elf. For someone over a thousand years old, he's something special! Just ask Bec... 

What are you working on currently?

Well, Cas kind of got the short end of the stick in Appleseed - don't you hate it when your story writes itself into a totally different direction and you sit there screaming at the computer going, "NOO!! Don't do THAT!" - so he's got his own little thing going on, plus I'm also working on a military SciFi. Just blew things to smithereens, so they've got HUGE problems right about now!

What is your favorite part of the process of writing?

My heroes. Without a doubt. And what I can make them do to get the notice of the heroine! I just love to torture them!! Sometimes literally. I love being able to create them from scratch; a man (or whatever he may be) who has the characteristics I would love in a partner. And sometimes ones I absolutely HATE, but cant help loving him for, anyway. To tell the total truth, they often come to me, flaws and all, almost fully realised. They just pop up, usually in my dreams. Sometimes even when I'm writing another ms. I just add extra bits. Go figure!

I love the creation of the world, something that no one else has seen yet, or somewhere no one else has been and I get that privileged first view. THAT's the awesome part. They show me first. Pretty heady stuff.


  1. well? which brother is your favorite? . They are to die for. I think I like Rhage, but I wouldn't be picky. I'll take any one of them ;)

  2. Ah, you can't go past a good elf, can you? :) Best of luck with the contests, Michelle.

  3. Hey, Michelle, I have some new authors you might like to try and get addicted to once you finish reading JRWard (LOL)...

    I'm going to predict Michelle's success in contests will continue - I'm consulting my crystal ball (after I shake the flood waters off it)...it's telling me Michelle will be a finalist in the RWNZ Clendon again, oh, and I see the colour green swirling amidst the fog - does that have any significance??? *grin*

  4. I too love movies/ series with the word Star in them Michelle ;))

    Best of luck with the contests. It's wonderful seeing your name on the lists.

    Kylie has looked into the crystal ball -and being the ex-competition queen- her visions are coveted. :))

  5. Congrats on your success and good luck with the contests!

    Oh, who is your fav Brother. Z is the one for me, closely followed by Rhage, John Matthew, Rehvenge, and everyone else. I LOVE that series!

    Heroes ROCK!!!

  6. Hi, Sharon!
    Now, while Rhage is lovely, my allegience is FULLY with Zsadist. I just can't go past that male!! What a character to write. He's just so tortured, so malevolent, so YUM!! You can't go past a tortured hero, and if he isn't tortured enough, hit him harder!

  7. Hi, Nicole!

    Mmmm. Elves. My first love! And I made my boy as delicious as posssible! Thanks for the well wishes.

  8. Hey, Kylie!
    LOL! Are you sure that thing's not a little muddy? Hmmm, green...Ireland? *vbg* Here's hoping, hey?

    Thanks for stopping by and for the predictions. Im holding you to them!

  9. Hi, Eleni!
    Go the Paras, hey? Wouldn't I LOVE to follow in Kylie's footsteps. One can only hope.

    Thanks for the congrats.

  10. Hi, Practimom,

    Aren't heroes the bomb?! We're lucky to have 'em!
    Yup, a fellow Z-fan! Love the others, but there's no one like him.