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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Magic Thursday Giveaway: Mel Teshco

I’m close to finished a novella with a hero who is a human/panther shape shifter. This started up a discussion amongst the paranormal gang—what makes my hero a shape shifter and not a werecat or werepanther? And is my hero in actuality a werecat shapeshifter?

My hero is going to stay a shape shifter—he doesn’t need a full moon to change his shape and he can shift at will, though at times it can be involuntary.

Either way, we all decided it comes down the author’s world building, how believable the rules and traits are that define the character.

I’m giving away an e-copy of Stone-Cold Lover, Ice-Cold Lover and Carnal Moon, one ebook of choice to three readers, with their views on the shape shifter/werecat discussion.


(click here for further details)

On the first night of each full moon, werewolves cannot resist the calling—the instinctual need to mate.

Living a double life has never been difficult for Holly, but in her world, if her species is to survive, all she can look forward to is down-and-dirty, uninhibited sex with a different partner each month. She has never had reason to complain though. Until now.

She’s fallen for Ricky Mandela, her hot, sexy, human lover. Holly can’t pretend she has a chance at a family and happily ever after. Those are human dreams. But she can’t give him up either. Will she have to lie and cheat to hold on to the man she loves?


(click here for further details)

Sofia has struggled with insecurities since her ex-husband’s infidelity—until she meets a hitchhiker. A muscular, sexy younger man with a beautiful ass. Impulsively, she pulls her car to the side of the road and gives the scrumptious hunk a ride.

Jake’s an adventurous charmer who lets Sofia know exactly how desirable she is—proving it with his skillful hands before she even stops the car. Sofia realizes she might have found a solution to her battered self-esteem, if she has the nerve to take what Jake’s offering—a ride of the more carnal variety.

~Mel Teshco


  1. For me, it's the involuntary full moon change that makes someone a were-something as opposed to a shapeshifter. A shapeshifter can have involuntary change times - there are all sorts of interesting reasons that can happen - but without the tie to the moon, s/he remains a shifter. :)

  2. For me it really doesn't matter whether its moon related or not....a shifter or were of any form always makes for a great read as far as I'm concerned....all those hot animalistic tendencies.....yummy!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Jaime,
    I'm pretty much in agreement, though I love reading a book where the author has woven in other really believable world building aspects, vastly different to what a reader expects =)

  4. LOL - very true Cath! There's just something a little extra special about a hero or heroine with paranormal abilities!

  5. It's a very interesting topic Mel. I think werewolves and their pull of the moon have made us think that were = moon phase. However the word were means human. And I think different cultures have different theories. As for fiction, as long as it's consistent, I don't care what they are called. :))

    I've got Discovering Sofia in my TBR pile :)

  6. Hi Eleni,
    it makes perfect sense: Manwolf or Mancat etc. And how interesting are the different beliefs in other countries and cultures =)

  7. Interest views. I have always seen it as whichever the author decides to call their characters. I never thought about it much so this really got me thinking. I have read books that the author called them weres and they could shift at will not just on the full moon have read other that they could only shift on the full moon. I think ultimately it depends on the author and the world building that the author has done. For me the two can be interchangable (shape-shifter/were)


  8. I am a shifter girl, and really appreciate the imaginative storylines that give me a variety of why's and how's for a shifter's existence. To me it's all about the magic, great storylines, sexy characters and a wonderful romances.

  9. I really enjoy shifter books. Personally, I think categorizing into a set shape such as werecat or werepanther is just to restrictive on my imagination. With shapeshifting, as far as I'm concerned I can imagine a whole range, just under that generalisation, so a shapeshifter may be able to behave in ways you wouldn't anticipate a werecat...that's just me though!

    I'd love to be take part in the giveaway please.

    bookwormreviewed at gmail dot com

  10. Larena
    I have too, and I can't say I favour one or the other, again it's all how the author puts those words on the paper =)

  11. Hi Cathy,
    I'm glad you know which side of the Were/Shifter fence you sit on!! (g)
    Ah the magic, I sooo know what you mean =)

  12. Michelle,
    it sounds like you adore your shifter books too! Any fav's you'd like to share? =)

  13. Weres or shapeshifters, as long as the world building is consistent/coherent I don't mind the definition. I've never really considered weres as defined by being "moon called" (despite reading Patricia Briggs' book of that title). I simply enjoy that extra-ordinary edge of a paranormal story.

  14. Jenny,
    the effects of the full moon on a 'were' is one rule I personally like to abide by. It gives lots of extra delicious conflict =)

  15. Mel, I guess having weres affected by the moon is a useful way to add limits to their powers and conflict. It's all too easy writing paranormal romance to allow characters the sort of powers that would otherwise eliminate problems without breaking a sweat.

    On re-reading I don't think I'm being too coherent, today. *sigh* Imagine what my current WIP is looking like *shudder*

  16. Jenny, I'm betting your current WIP is brilliant! =) ANd you're right, even paranormal creatures have to have their own brand of krytonite =)

  17. Mel,

    I *love* Keri Arthur's books, that's what hooked me into shifter books and the paranormal/fantasy genre :)) My favorite of them by far is the Riley Jenson series.

    I'm always open to other authors though, I'm really pleased to have won!

  18. Hi Michelle!
    My daughter and I are a big fan of Keri's too =)