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Saturday, 27 November 2021

Darklight On ...Theresa Fuller

 Darklight On...

Theresa Fuller

Southeast Asian Mythology

As a writer I take great interest in discovering role models in women from the past. Too often has the emphasis been on European women. Here is a real-life example from the Sea Dyaks of Sarawak, Borneo. Today we know them as the Iban. They also just happen to be headhunters.

It was lovely to see that even a headhunter has a romantic side.


Excerpt - The Story of Siu

The hero is the Sea Dyak headhunter - Siu, the heroine - Bunsu Burung, daughter of Singalang Burung (King of the Spirits). Here they share a moment together on the ruai(covered veranda) of Singalang Burung’s longhouse in Sabayan – Land of the Dead.

“After breakfast, Siu watched the girl pound rice.

Bunsu used a mortar and pestle, wielding the pestle so deftly that not one single grain of rice bounced out of the mortar, which was made from the trunk of a tree. But just in case, she had her right foot in the mortar to kick back any grains that might be likely to fall out.

After a while, Siu asked if he could have a go.

Are you that bored, Siu? her eyes seemed to say as she gave him a wicked grin, but she handed him the pestle. It was five feet long.

Siu stood in the girl’s place, suddenly more nervous than he had ever been.

His first effort ended in half the contents of the mortar being scattered all over the ruai. Sounds of excited snuffling came up from the floorboards as the pigs and chickens who lived underneath the longhouse scurried hungrily for the precious rice.

Aghast, he looked up, ashamed of his effort, and saw the girl covering her mouth with one hand, trying hard not to giggle. 

His cheeks heated. Then suddenly, Siu snorted, and the next moment both he and the girl were laughing. Hard.

Finally, wiping tears from her eyes, the girl stopped tittering to offer advice. “You need not use all your strength.”

“Ah!” said Siu, pretending astonishment, and then he tried again. This attempt only half as much rice was lost.

Once more, the two of them laughed. This time together.

It took a while, and a few handfuls of replaced rice, but soon Siu had some action going. He felt proud that night when he ate his dinner, to know that he had contributed to the meal.

But tomorrow, Siu would have to tell the girl that he was leaving.”

Excerpt taken from THE GIRL SUDAN PAINTED LIKE A GOLD RING, the latest book in the Lands Below the Winds Series. Coming 1st of January 2022.

Pre-order your copy here!

Genre: Folktales YA

Pre-order available now.

Available in ebook, print and large print.

For the sake of my children, I have written a couple of books on the folktales of Southeast Asia. When I tell people that I am from Singapore, some think it is in China.

Hence, I feel that it is time some emphasis was placed on a little-known part of the world. There is more to Southeast Asia than Crazy, Rich Asians. Here is my series on Southeast Asian mythology.

Lands Below the Winds Series

The Lands below the Winds is a series of folktales on Southeast Asia.

The Lands below the Winds was the name given by the ancient Arabians and Persians for Southeast Asia which lay below the typhoon belt. Other names were Suvarnabhumi, Sovannah Phoum, Suvarnadvipa (Golden Islands) offered by the Indians, Nanyang (South Seas) by the Chinese and Nanyo by the Japanese.

The Lands below the Winds was the gateway to the Spice Islands, a much sought after, fought over and even today, integral to world trade and commerce.

Malaya – Land of Eternal Summer also known as the Golden Chersonese, ancient Melaka, Bumi Kenyalang (Sarawak - Land of the Hornbills - the messengers to the gods) and even the fabled Temasek, all had reputations beyond their borders. Here then are some of their legends and mythology.

Folktales from Southeast Asia with a strong emphasis on girls who saved their people. All books contain illustrations, notes, a glossary, and a dictionary.

Other book in the series - The Girl Who Became a Goddess (folktales from Singapore, Malaysia, and 

About the Author

Theresa Fuller grew up with ghosts outside her front door. They haunted dark trees and cemeteries and were the spirits of young girls betrayed by lovers. These stories were made real by her cousins who were always recounting how just last year a child around her age had been snatched by one of these ghosts – Pontianaks. And never seen again…

Born in Singapore to Peranakan parents, Theresa was often brought to Haw Par Villa, originally a venue for teaching traditional Chinese values, as a treat. Here children are shown the ten views of Hell. She had nightmares for a week after each visit. Even today, she can visualize the demons as they tortured liars by pulling their tongues, elongating them grotesquely. 

This is probably why she never wanted to be a writer. Initially.

Writers bend the truth. A little.

Theresa came to Australia for her education, met her husband, married and stayed. She worked as an analyst/programmer and later as a high school teacher. When her first son was born, she read him stories. And somehow something stirred. She remembered her grandfather and how he would tell fairy tale after fairy tale, at least ten per night until in frustration he would record them to be spared reading the same stories repeatedly.

Thus, in a strange land far away from her own family and what was familiar, she began to write. And in her stories, she could come home. To a land where boys turn into crickets and mousedeer dance laughing upon the backs of crocodiles.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Magic Thursday: Welcome to Confession time with Kelly Ethan!

Welcome to Kelly Ethan’s world of cozy paranormal murder mystery. 

I confess I’m addicted to murdering…fictional characters ;) 

I started writing fifteen years ago and cut my teeth on Paranormal Romance. But over the years, magic, mystery, and mayhem dug their claws into my writing bones. I binged on Poirot, Frankie Drake, Miss Fisher, anything cozy and murderous and if it contained the odd shapeshifter or vampire? Even better.

I realised I loved writing chaos and mayhem with a paranormal twist. Considering the years, I spent moving around Australia with my soldier husband and the fact I’m now dealing with a ferocious hellhound, this is not a surprise.

Then I came up with an idea for my first cozy and The Killer Knight and the Murderous Chairleg and the Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery Series were born. The rest, they say, is history. Or in my case, a graveyard of fictional bodies.

Enjoy my twisted, chaotic and sometimes hilarious world. Just watch out for that hot tea. The first sip is murder.

Cozy What?

I write cozy paranormal mystery. Most people, when they ask what I write, leave confused when I mime stabbing motions accompanied with a sweet smile.

Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

Cozy mysteries, also referred to as "cozies", are a subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously, and the crime and detection take place in a small, socially intimate community. Cozies thus stand in contrast to hardboiled fiction, which features violence and sexuality more explicitly and centrally to the plot. The term "cozy" was first coined in the late 20th century when various writers produced work in an attempt to re-create the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.”

Clear as mud?

Basically, a cozy murder will generally take place in a small town, sometimes a village. Most likely all the suspects know each other and quite often there’s a nosy gossip who helps the sleuth gather evidence. There should be no graphic violence, swearing or open-door sex. The swearing part hurts me…I’ve been known to drop the odd one ;) Torture need not apply in a cozy mystery.  And most of the time the crime happens off the page. I like to write victims who aren’t so nice or who have a vice. Makes for a more interesting victim.

I also like to have red herrings or false clues sprinkled throughout my stories. Don’t we all love the twists and turns in a cozy? 

The hero or heroine in a cozy mystery is always amateur. No police detectives need apply. They are generally back-up for my plucky heroine or a spunky policeman out to arrest her for a crime she didn’t commit. 

Favourite jobs for our amateur sleuth are librarian (my personal fave), café owner, bakery owner, florist, caterer, bed and breakfast owner, gardener, crafter, cat/dog owner, candle/herb shop owner, bookstore owner and many more.

The sleuth is smart, curious, stubborn and a fantastic puzzle solver. People tend to like and trust the sleuth…and divulge gossip which helps to solve the mystery. 

Cozy mysteries are a read you feel at home with, and the reader soon becomes addicted.

I know I am ;)

Let the mayhem begin…

Kelly Ethan

Author of small town magic, mystery and mayhem…


The Killer Knight and the Murderous Chairleg out now!!

Check out the rest of the series 


and pre-order the December release:

Tuesday, 2 November 2021

DarkSider News for November 2021!


Warning: Amazing reads enclosed below.



A Perfectly Normal Paranormal Valentine anthology featuring Leisl Leighton and Samantha Marshall was released 18 October. 

Who will get their happy ever after the night the veil to the Otherworld thins?

When Demi-Gods and Demons, Witches and Fae, Dracons and Shifters come out to play on All Hallow’s Eve, it’s a night for mischief, for revelry, for power plays. It’s not a night for love … or is it?

Anything could happen this Halloween ... and probably will.

A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween is the second offering in the A Perfectly Paranormal Anthology series by new and award-winning Australian authors, and features continuing and standalone stories that will give you goosebumps of the romantic kind. With sweet or spicy romance, action, revenge, secrets and curses, delicious chills and emotional thrills, you are sure to fill all your Halloween desires with this exciting collection of paranormal novellas.

Headless by Samantha Marshall
Cursed and headless ex-knight Devlin didn’t think his un-life could get any worse. With his honour in tatters, all he wants is a chance to break his curse… except the demon who can break said curse has better things to do with her time – like running from the Demon Hunters who followed him to town, destroying the life she’d eked out for herself. Forced to work together to survive, Devlin gets another chance to change her mind; all he has to do is turn up the charm, appeal to the sense of honour his sinfully delicious demonic companion doesn’t have, and hope she doesn’t mount his head on her wall as a trophy – or worse, his heart.

Soul Cursed by Leisl Leighton
A soul cursed, a love discovered, an evil unbound …

Immortal witch, Korinna Soteira, has spent 2000 years uselessly trying to save the souls lost when she didn’t stop Mt Vesuvius from erupting. Then the betraying cupid she once loved arrives with the very items she needs to complete her quest. The catch: she can have them only if she helps him wrest his mother’s stolen powers from an evil witch. All they have to do is travel through the Underworld on Halloween, vanquish the witch and get out before all hell, quite literally, breaks loose. No problems … if only the Fates didn’t have other plans.

Buy links

AARA (Australian Romance Readers Association) has a release day blog post on the anthology.

The Fallen World 
Complete Series 
by Mila Young and C.R. Jane 
(Books 1-4, Fallen World) was released 10 October.

Three alien warriors. A human true mate. They are her darkest temptations, and her only salvation from the danger engulfing Earth.

800+ pages of alien romance that WILL make you crave your very own scorching hot protective warrior. Let yourself fall into this exciting, action-packed, and sizzling romance that will leave you breathless for more. Follows three aliens invading Earth to find their fated mate and save their own world.

The collection includes the following stories:


They came to earth. They destroyed my life, took those closest to me, and now they’re set on making me their own.


Their obsession will destroy me... One thing is for sure though...the Vepar are never going to let me go.


What happens when I find out that the three aliens might be the monsters I need to fear the most?


All I want is a happy ending, but things keep getting in the way of that...like the fate of a fallen world.

Four complete full-length heart-pounding books with burning hot scenes, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!

Little Fire by Hollee Mands (Book 1, Warriors of the Five Realms) was released 23 October.

She’s broken from a past she can’t remember. He’s scarred from a past he can’t forget.

Declan can kill with a blink of his eye. Jaded and cold, he rules his kingdom the same way he does his heart—with ruthless pragmatism. So why does he risk all to protect a little mortal during a slave-trade uprising? Now stranded in the demon realm, the loss of his powers is the least of his troubles. The woman may have a frustratingly tender heart, but she has enough fire in her soul to thaw the ice in his veins.

He could take her by right, but he wants more than acceptance. He wants her willing surrender...

Evangeline is chained by a past she can’t remember. Her fractured memories keep her shy and single. When she is thrust into a savage world in the arms of a deadly archmage, he becomes her only chance of survival. But soon she realizes her unnerving protector may not be as callous as he appears, and her heart may be as much at risk as her life.

His desire for her is no secret, but she wants more than scalding lust. She wants his icy heart...

Can they survive the nightmarish realm long enough to break down each other’s walls?s.

Order links

Great news - the book reach number one in Alternative History on Amazon US!

Seduced By Magic: A steamy paranormal romance anthology contains a story by Lilliana Rose. It was published 19 October. 

Crawling under your skin.

Nibbling at your neck.

Sending tendrils of red heat through your body.

Delve into a world that exists just beyond the boundary of our reality.

Alphalicious shifters, lusty witches, sultry vampires, and all creatures supernatural and sexy are ready to lure you into the dark, where you'll taste danger, embrace deliciously sensual pleasures, and find a romance to rival the ages.

Are you ready to be seduced?

Satisfy your paranormal romance and urban fantasy cravings with SEDUCED BY MAGIC – a 19 book collection from USA Today, and NYT Bestselling authors.

You won't want to miss out on this limited-edition collection. Grab this ultimate bundle before it vanishes forever!

Broken Bonds by Keri Arthur (Book 8, Lizzie Grace) was released 26 October. 

The winds of change are finally whispering through the Faelan Werewolf Reservation…

Lizzie Grace is doing her utmost to ignore the portents of doom, wanting nothing more than enjoy her life and her time with Aiden O’Connor while she still can. But the song of the once unprotected and very powerful wellspring still washes across the distant shores of darkness, and it continues to draw evil to the reservation.

The one that arrives this time is different from the others. Not only is it skilled in magic, but its kills are very specific. Very targeted. As the brutal deaths mount up and she, Monty, and Aiden struggle to find answers and stop the killings, Lizzie begins to suspect there’s more to this particular evil than meets the eye.

Especially when it helps save the life of a child.

But the biggest threat to Lizzie comes not in the form of evil, but rather the changes whispered on the wind.

Because the werewolf Aiden once asked to be his wife has finally arrived back in the reservation.

And she’s determined to get her man.

Great news - the book reach number one in Urban Fantasy on Amazon Australia!

AARA (Australian Romance Readers Association) had an author spotlight in August.

Reclaim by Cassie Laelyn (Book 2, Small Town Packs) was released 12 October.

Cedar Valley Bears.

Murder. Redemption. A love worth dying for.

When Kali Preston discovers her brother’s death wasn’t an accident, she resorts to desperate measures for help. Mainly, Brax Archer. The infuriatingly sexy, tattooed alpha of Cedar Valley bears. He’s also the guy who tore out her heart and smashed it to pieces. But with a blood-thirsty killer targeting her family, evading Brax’s sinful grin isn’t her only danger.

Now, she must summon the strength to protect their pack before the hunter strikes again.

But what if those she loves are her biggest threat?

Fall in love with small towns, swoony shifters, and unbreakable bonds, in these interconnected full-length novellas. Don’t worry, these bad boys are long and packed with romancey goodness and a swoony HEA, so you won’t be left disappointed. Each story is a standalone paranormal romance with a guaranteed HEA.

AARA (Australian Romance Readers Association) has a release day blog post as well as an author spotlight on Cassie.

Wolf Trials by M. Young and R.A. Johns (Book 1, Shadowmate) was released 7 October.

Finding my fated mate just took a deadly twist.

When Dad dies, I’m shocked to discover my family’s lies in the secret town of Fable. It sucks to return to the Sun pack that I fled. It sucks worse to be thrown into a dangerous game, which will end in my official wolf mating with the winner...unless I’m the victor.

Of course, I refuse. I’m 17, for wolf’s sake. But wolf politics are savage, and Mom gives me two commands as cold as the snowstorm hitting town.

#1 Join the Wolf Games

#2 Win

But then, I meet them. The two gorgeous shifters from rival packs, who are entering the games. Are they with or against me?

Hunter, the scorching-hot, mysterious Moon Wolf and my first crush.

And Ri, the brooding Irish Shadow Wolf and my enemy.

They’re as ruthless as Mom and fiercely determined to win for their packs. I've found myself in the middle of a war that could tear me apart, body and soul.

Except, what if my greatest secret is the wolf inside me?

Buy links

Best Christmas Wishes
 is an anthology that includes a story 
by Susannah Kade
 and was released 26 October.

It's Christmas in Australia and it's a time for new love, reigniting past relationships and forgiveness in the small town of Emu Bend.

Best Christmas Wishes introduces four more couples in these contemporary m/f and f/f short stories of life and love in a small Aussie town.

Celebrate the festive season with BONUS Christmas recipes inspired by our characters!

Stars Aligned by Susannah Kade (light paranormal themes)

Savannah's attraction indicators go off the charts when she meets artist Anton but she's inherited some quirks from the family line that scare the timid. Could this time be different? Her horoscope predicts a favourable planetary alignment. Dare she hope?

Non Spec-Fic

Baby It's Hot Outside: Christmas Down Under collection features Her Christmas Star by Annie Seaton  was released 25 October. 

100% pure SUMMER Christmas. Come read along…

I really wanna stay
Baby it's hot outside
I'll lose my heart along the way
Baby it's hot outside…

100% pure SUMMER Christmas Boxed Set. Come read and visit Down Under…

12 steamy seasonal summer sizzle romances.

Escape your winter blues with these twelve top-value summer Christmas novellas. A fabulous seasonal collection of sexy Down Under romances. Hot sun and hotter men, friends to lovers, forbidden romance, reunion stories and more. Come visit a world of hot, sultry kisses and long, hot lazy days.

Join USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans and ten of her fellow Australasian authors. Warm your heart, and maybe a little bit more, too, with these never before published sexy stories. Plus there's a brilliant contest, because the twelfth novella is a collaboration between all the authors, and you get to guess who wrote each chapter.

· Twelve standalone novellas

· Only available until early 2022 – get your copy today!

Twelve perfect indulgences to get you in the Christmas spirit:

Twelve perfect indulgences to get you in the Christmas spirit:

KENDRA DELUGAR – Something In The Water

BRONWEN EVANS – Fast Track To Love

MEGAN MAYFAIR – The Season For Second Chances

JACQUELINE LEE – Unrequited Love

SOFIA GREY – A Christmas Retreat (Falling For The Colonel's Daughter)

SUSANNE BELLAMY – Red Dirt Christmas

KRIS PEARSON – Summer Santa

ANNIE SEATON – Her Christmas Star

RAY COLLET – Home For Christmas

JAYNE KINGSLEY – Twelve Days Of Christmas

ANNA FOXKIRK – The Worst Noelle


COLLABORATIVE - THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS – A collaborative novella with a chapter from each of the authors in this box set. We will be running a fabulous contest to guess who wrote which chapter!

There is something for everyone!

Osprey Reef 
by Annie Seaton 
was released by MIRA on 25 October.

Love. Greed. Revenge. And a desperate search for answers ... Against the stunning backdrop of the Great Barrier Reef, two women in different eras discover how their hearts and fortunes are swayed by the secrets of the sea.

2019: Bethany Kristensen faces her toughest challenge to date, skippering the family charter business. With rivals doing their utmost to undercut her prices and reputation, the Kristensens' operation hangs by a thread. Winning the tender for a new scientific research program headed out to the farthest edge of the reef is her last chance to keep the business going. But when rumour and vandalism turn to outright sabotage, things take a drastic turn...

1934: Stella Booth flees a future of domestic drudgery in small-town outback Queensland, heading for employment and an independent life in Mackay. But fate has other plans and an accident en route sends her life spinning in a most unexpected direction...

Linked by a family mystery, decades apart, Bethany and Stella will both need to dig deeper than ever before to forge their place among the turbulent seas of the reef.

Her Baseborn Scott by Christina Phillips  (Book 4, The Highland Warrior Chronicles) was released 26 October.

A warrior with cursed royal blood. A princess who will never submit to the enemy. A forbidden love that could cost them everything…

Tough Scots warrior Finn Braeson dreams of finding a gentle lass to love and share his life with. But when he is commanded by his king to marry the princess of Pictland he has no choice. It’s the only way to protect his mother and younger stepsisters from the king’s wrath. But before he can wed the elusive princess, he must first go undercover and find her.

Bound by a deathbed promise to her husband to never reveal her true identity as the princess of Pictland, Mairi is a fugitive in her own land. Determined to avenge her people against the upstart king, she has no intention of falling for the silken charm of any Scots warrior. Except Finn is like no other man she has ever known, and despite the danger of discovery, and the secrets she must keep, she cannot resist his allure.

Captivated by the wit of the beautiful Pictish lady who has ensnared his heart, Finn craves for a future with her. But when betrayal rocks their fragile alliance, they must fight the political intrigues that surround them and put their trust in each other – or risk being torn apart forever.

AARA (Australian Romance Readers Association) has a release day blog post.

Tis the Season for Romacne is an anthology that includes a story by Susannah Kade and was released 1 November.

Tis The Season For Romance is an abundance of heartfelt wishes, a touch of Christmas magic, and a guaranteed happy ever after, all while celebrating this most joyful time of the year.

Buy links:


Spill by Melanie Pickering is expected to be released 5 December.

If you’d always felt invisible, how far would you go to be seen?

When seventeen-year-old Amy Shipley crosses the threshold of the abandoned house on Flinders Lane, she unwittingly unleashes the curse of a nineteenth-century bloodletter. Haunted by a charming ghost with a dark obsession, she is pushed down a path that leads to blood and pain.

But it’s a path where she is finally seen. Where she no longer feels alone.

Unable to ignore Amy’s descent into self-destruction, former boy-next-door Flynn Powell embarks on a mission to save the girl he’s fallen for. But walking that path opens old wounds, forcing him to question whether he’s the hero she really needs.

While Flynn battles his troubled past, Amy is thrust deeper into a seductive world of secrets and lies. In the fight to save their love, more than blood is going to be spilled, and it might just cost Amy her life.

If you like captivating mystery, characters with real issues and a tender romance that will melt your heart, you’ll love Amy and Flynn’s story.


Pre-Order links

Print - Amazon Aus 

Hell on Earth by Mila Young and Harper A. Brooks (Book 6, Sin Demons) is expected to be released 26 November.

The journey's been Hell... but it's time to give the devil his due.

This is it. This is where it all ends.

It’s me, my shadow, and my demons against Lucifer.

With the relics stolen, the only way to get them is to go back into the hellfire--back to Hell where Lucifer awaits. Defeating him may mean making the ultimate sacrifice, but even with so much at stake, I don’t know if I can.

Things heated up fast with Cain, Elias, and Dorian, and now Maverick, but I’d sell my soul a hundred times to keep them as mine. Forever.

What if that’s impossible?

There’s so much danger ahead of us, but I’ll bring Hell on earth to save the ones I love. I just wonder that when all’s said and done, who will be the one wearing the unholy crown?

Read the hotter than Hell finale to the Sin Demons Series! Find out how it all ends today!
Except, what if my greatest secret is the wolf inside me?

Pre-Order links

Fighting For Her Warrior by Melody Beckett (Book 1, Taurean Warriors) is expected for release 7 December.

A woman on a mission to save humanity.

A scarred alien warrior who will decide Earth’s fate.

Captain Laila Storey thinks she’s seen it all—until first contact with an insect-like alien race, the Xakul, destroys a Martian colony. The Xakul’s next target? Earth.

Humanity’s only hope is the Taureans, and Laila’s mission is to convince them to save humanity. She certainly doesn’t have time for the passionate attraction she feels to one brooding Taurean warrior.

Commander Zac Qu’Rell’s last battle almost killed him. He doesn’t want the responsibility of command again, let alone to decide the fate of an entire race.

Yet when Zac meets Laila, he feels whole once more.

With the clock ticking, can Laila and Zac beat the odds to save Earth?

Or will it be destroyed, along with any chance for them to find love?

Pre-Order links (for only .99c)


The Soul Keeper by Lilliana Rose (Book 6, Lost Souls Academy) is expected to be released in November. 

The time has come to deal with the enemy. Zarya must finally go up against Abaddon whether she’s ready or not. But there is more than one enemy as chaos begins to unfold at the Lost Souls Academy and Zarya can’t do this alone.

Zarya will need her new skills, and her friends if she is to survive and remain alive.

The Soul Keeper is the last book in the The Lost Souls Academy


Freeing Her Alien Warrior by Melody Beckett (Book 0.5, Taurean Warriors) is free via Bookfunnel if you sign up to Melody's Newsletter.

Commander Oren Ka’Ress is having a bad day. An unexpected solar storm sends the Taurean intelligence officer’s ship off course to crash land on Earth. Not only is he injured and captured by Earth's Space Force, but so is his dangerous prisoner—one of the evil insectoid Xakul soldiers. Oren quickly realises he needs backup, but with no way to contact his fellow Taureans, he's stuck.

Dr. Amelia O’Malley is done with Space Force and their empty promises. She wanted to make a difference, not end up stuck on a dying planet. Disillusioned, she has only a few weeks left in the military when a mysterious patient arrives on her ward. Bigger than any man she's ever seen, and with inhumanly bright eyes, Amelia finds herself full of questions. But there’s one problem—Amelia can’t understand anything he says.

As the Xakul threat looms, can Oren find a way for Amelia to understand him? Will he get backup before the humans inadvertently unleash the Xakul? As the clock counts down there is more at stake than either of them could dream.

Freeing Her Alien Warrior is a prequel to the Taurean Warriors series. Amelia and Oren’s story continues throughout the series.  

Get your copy here

Sorcery and Stardust by Samantha Marshall (Book 1, Weaver's Way) is currently free.

A sorceress. A warrior. A space deer.

The sorceress Arcana and her soulmerged deerken companion have spent fifty years traversing the galaxy, following the song that haunts Caelum's dreams in an attempt to solve the mystery of their creation. When they stumble upon an injured knight in a frozen ruin, Caelum insists on rescuing him - for why else would a knight be in such a mysterious place, if he wasn't somehow connected to the singing inside Caelum's mind?

When he wakes, the knight reveals himself as Fenris, stalwart Guardian of the Weaver and her Timeless Kingdom. Recognising Caelum as a deerken, the tall, brooding Guardian offers to unravel the mystery of Arcana and Caelum's past in return for their assistance in returning home, so that he might liberate his queen from the clutches of a madman.

Whilst Caelum throws himself wholeheartedly behind Fenris' seemingly noble cause, Arcana can't shake the feeling that their handsome guest is keeping secrets. Despite her efforts otherwise, her attraction to Fenris continues to grow... along with the suspicion that if she and the Guardian can't find common ground, his secrets might be the end of them all.

Cassie Laelyn
 has some paranormal romance flash fiction on her website to read for free. 

ARC readers

ARC readers are those who receive the book from the author beforehand in return for an honest review.  Each author has their own terms and conditions. 

Leisl Leighton

Leisl is looking for people to join her ARC (Advance Reader Copies) team. She explains in this blog post. If you want to go directly to the join page, click here


Perfectly Paranormal Paramours group

Leisl Leighton and Samantha Marshall are both part of the Perfectly Paranormal authors who have so far released two anthologies. The group has Facebook group for fans called Perfectly Paranormal Paramours

Hollee Mands

Check out Hollee's Reader's group on Facebook.

Leisl Leighton

Leisl now has a new Facebook Page

Keri Arthur

Keri has created a Broken Bonds Discussion Group  on Facebook for those who are eager to discuss the new book like right now.


Melody Beckett has a pretty cool new logo.


Congratulations to our DarkSiders.

Thanks for joining us. Until next time, be safe and well..