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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Bite Of... Candy Cane Dancer

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Ellie Moonwater back, with A Bite Of... Candy Cane Dancer.

1      Can you, in less than five words describe your book/story Candy Cane Dancer?
      No, but I can do it in six: erotic, explicit, captivity, dubious consent, disturbing

Who is your favourite character in this book?  
This is always a hard question to answer. I like my werewolf captain and Rajanigandha, the nagini. I also like the slightly deluded and hopeful Martinette, but I think my favourite character has to be Selene, the margot fairy who was meant to be the central character to this novel. She has the immortality of fairies, but has grown to care for those around her in a way that many fairies don’t—and certainly not the Scottish fey. Overcoming her fear of werewolves to acknowledge her attraction to the werewolf captain heading the hunt for the serial killer stalking the club, is just one example of her ability to adapt. Preparing to face down the killer is an example of her courage. She deserved a romance of her own, but ended up sharing a dark tale of erotica with the enemy she had to hunt, and did so very graciously.

3     What inspired you to write it?
I think the inspiration came while I was while reading a book on different kinds of fairies (which I cannot find and cannot remember the title of – frustrating, as I want to buy it for my bookshelf). Anyway, there was a section about a German fairy called a margot who loved to dance and adored sweets, and a section about an evil male sea fairy who played beautiful music and then killed his victims, trapping their souls in a bottle. I was, at the time, writing a piece about a werewolf-run gentleman’s club (not based around pole dancing) and decided to have another club in the locality where dancing was the feature, because what else would a margot fairy be doing in modern times (and don’t say Swan Lake, although that is an idea). The sea fairy became a threat to the dance club, and the story kind of grew from there, but not with the margot as the main focus as I had originally planned. This tale ended up a lot darker than I originally intended, metamorphosing into a tale of erotica and suspense, as opposed to the erotic romantic suspense I originally intended to write.

Here's the excerpt... (abridged to remove the naughtiest bits)

“Are you a vampire?” Martinette asked, feeling her face rapidly lose its look of lazy post-coital contentment. “You should have told me.”
“Then there’d have been no surprise,” Hubert replied, shifting to wrap an arm around her shoulders, and crushing her to his chest. She wrapped her arms around him and arched against him.
“Are you going to kill me now?” she asked.
“No, but you live because I want you to dance for me, again,” he murmured, letting his lips brush her ear lobe. He shifted against her. Martinette gasped, but it wasn’t one of protest.
“So, you’ll kill me later?”
“Not necessarily,” he said. “I am growing fond of you.” He slowly laid her on the floor and she pillowed her head on one arm and gazed up at him. Her expression showed confusion and pleasure, and just a little fear, the emotions rushing across her face as he started again, letting her feel how her body reacted to his, seeing the moment when she thrust the fear aside to accept the pleasure he offered. That acceptance was flavored by apprehension when he spoke again. “Don’t make me change my mind.”
He dipped his mouth to the small tear he’d made at the base of her throat and licked it, raising his head, so she could see her blood on his lips.
“You taste good,” he said, watching her eyes widen half in horror, and half in surprise, “and there’s a large part of me that wants to drain you dry, but I like your body. I love the way you move it when you dance, and I love the way you feel.”
He propped himself on his elbows so he could watch the battle of emotions raging across her face. One part of her couldn’t resist the purely physiological reaction her body was having to his, one part of her fascinated that she could be enjoying something with a creature like him, and one part terrified of what he might do next.
“I’m going to let you live just a little while longer,” he said. “How much longer is up to you. I love the way you dance. Say you’ll dance for me, Martinette. Say you want to live.”
He saw the moment she gave in to her desire to survive.
“I’ll dance for you,” she whispered, and as she relaxed beneath him, he gently tilted her head sideways and drank.
She tasted divine, but Hubert knew he had to stop, that the rest of his hunger would have to be sated by the salmon and reef fish he’d had his servants prepare. It was a hard-fought thing. He desperately wanted more, to drain her dry as he had the dancer he’d taken two nights ago, to feel her death throes as he rode her over the edge and desecrated her still-warm corpse.
Martinette was lucky he loved the way she responded to his music. She was lucky she could make him jealous of the pole on his private stage. She was lucky she drew him in a way he could not explain. As much as he didn’t want to acknowledge it, for the first time in a century Martinette, his flame-haired dancer, made him feel something for his intended prey. And it felt good.
Slowly standing, Hubert gave a soft whistle, summoning his servants.
“Care for her,” he ordered. “Give her private quarters and see to her comforts. Feed her like a queen, for she has my heart.”
Even as the words left his mouth, Hubert was surprised to find they were true.
With a small smile of surprised satisfaction, he returned to his chair and retrieved his flute. While he often travelled without it, tonight he wanted it nearby, at least until he went hunting. There were other dancers at the Candy Cane.

Thank you so much for sharing!

If you'd like to find out more about Ellie Moonwater and her books, check out the website below


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