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Friday, September 13, 2013

Real LIfe Paranormal

With Cathleen Ross

What happens when you die when you don't go to heaven?

Sometimes people ask me where I get my ideas from and while this isn't an unusual request for writers to answer my experiences are a little different. My brother committed suicide when he was young. I was worried that he hadn't passed over and I was right to worry. I had recurrent dreams about him walking all alone in a wasteland, which felt like a lonely dimension, hot, dusty and dry. I channeled and contacted him to ask him if he wanted me to pray for him. His response was, "What for?" It was as if he didn't know that heaven was an option. Some religions teach us that the suicides don't go to heaven. I know that eventually he made it there but it took many years and many prayers for him to cross over properly. 

Recently I was reading for a fellow romance writer. Although I have her permission to tell this story, I think it is pretty grim, so I'll leave it up to her to weigh in. The romance writer's grandmother  married her second husband who sexually abused her daughter. In the end the daughter had to go and live with relatives. When I first channeled for the romance writer, I had a vision of a woman crawling down a corridor and a man was kicking her. A male voice, which belonged to someone in authority, spoke out. "What do you have to say for yourself?" The woman replied, "I'm so ashamed."

Shocked I spoke to the romance writer and told her of my vision. She told me I had been holding her grandmother's ring. 

At a later period the romance writer had been having recurrent dreams. This often happens when someone on the other side is trying to get a message through. I asked the romance writer not to give me anything of her grandmother because I didn't want to encounter this sad soul again. However, despite my request, the romance writer gave me another piece of her jewellery. The energy of one person feels different from another. I recognised the energy of the grandmother soul immediately. This time she was in a place which she couldn't leave. There was a guardian there who didn't feel evil. It was simply the guardian's job to keep this grandmother's soul in this place. The grandmother was terrified and desperate to leave. I tried to pray for her but my own prayers felt weak as if I didn't have any business in this place. I asked the romance writer to pray for her and forgive her the sin of not protecting her daughter from abuse. I don't know if she did. It takes real forgiveness to do such a thing.

I won't read for this woman again. 

I'm going to use a short excerpt from Her Demon Prince to explain how an energy signal feels.

Her heart thudded and beat so slowly, she thought it would stop. Whatever Galaden had put into her was so dark, so hollow; it seemed to suck any happiness from her being. Where ever he had travelled since their last life together had been a hideous place and he had brought that energy back with him.
"Cassiel. Please save your mother. I beg you," Galaden pleaded, his proud face bleak, his crystal-blue eyes cloudy with misery.
"I'm trying, Father, but I think I'm losing her. You gave her your essence, but what came after is so dark, I don't know if her humanity can bear it," Cassiel said. "Daniel and I spent years searching for you in the wasteland dimensions after your kingdom fell. The suicides who refused to move on turned to wraiths. This is the horror that has attached to your energy signature, this is what has seeped into Rachael."

Cathleen's latest September release is: Love Lust and Lies, from Harlequin Escape. For more about Cathleen and her books go to: http://cathleenross.com/CR/


  1. Wow, Cathleen. I love hearing your experiences but this one is quite ... I don't know the word, confronting is too strong, maybe unsettling.

    I'm glad to hear that suicides make it to heaven. I have a friend who recently lost a family member to suicide. It's been heart wrenching.

    The grandmother is the most unsettling story and I'm not surprised you won't read again. It sounds like a horrid place after an awful event.

    I love these posts. Thanks for sharing your gift.

    Cate xo

  2. I felt it was like a prison but there was something terrifying there because this soul was suffering for her sins
    I could feel my own throat tighten and I cut off the contact
    Thanks for dropping in cate

  3. Ditto Cathleen, it was such a different perspective to see things from, and spooky too!

  4. People often talk about heaven but no one ever discusses what happens when people are bad.