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Friday, August 2, 2013

Real Life Paranormal

With Nicole Murphy
Ghostly Encounter...
'The Old Schoolhouse' at Rye Park.
I'm sure I encountered a ghost in May, but at the time - I didn't realise. It was only after, telling my friends, that a chill settled on me and I realised what had happened.

I've always believed in the possibility of ghosts, and I believe in paranormal effects. I myself have often had moments where I find myself in a situation that I realise I'd already seen in a dream and a few times have been able to change my reaction in real life and avert a really ugly fight. I also read tarot cards with at times amazing accuracy.

The idea of meeting a ghost has always freaked me. But luckily, my encounter was really benign.

It was in an old school building that had been turned into a B&B. My writers group was there for a writing retreat, and I was having problems with insomnia caused by depression. One particular night, I got up, sat by the fire and started to write.

I was there for a good hour or two and then I heard a noise outside - it sounded like someone had just come in the side door. When I checked, the door was locked and no one was there. Possum or something, I decided. There was some more banging along the wall and I decided that possum was definitely the answer.

The house went quiet, and then I heard an internal door open and close. Footsteps, and it was clear to me someone had just entered the room where I was sitting. But they didn't acknowledge me near the fire, with a small lamp the only light in the room, which I thought a bit weird. After a few minutes, I put on my glasses and looked over to the dining table where they were sitting in the dark.

There was no one there. 

The whole thing seemed so weird - I could have sworn someone walked in. I was wide away, I wasn't dreaming it, and it sounded exactly like someone had. The floor had creaked, as if weight was being placed on it.

But there was no one.

I just put it from my mind and got back into my story, but it was only as I was telling the group the next day and I said the words 'I swear someone came into the room' that I realised - someone had, just not a someone I could see.

I'm thinking they came to look over me, make sure I was okay, which was why I didn't have the sense of threat that people seem to normally have. Just a sense of company.

Nicole Murphy writes speculative fiction under her real name and contemporary romance as Elizabeth Dunk.  As Nicole, she has dozens of short stories in print and published an urban fantasy trilogy, The Dream of Asarlai. As Elizabeth Dunk she has two novels out (the latest 'The Lies We Tell' released this week) and a short story. Find out more about Elizabeth/Nicole at http://nicolermurphy.com

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story Nicole. Wonder if you would have seen anything if the room hadn't been dark?