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Friday, May 17, 2013

What We Are Reading

Welcome to What We Are Reading in May! This month seems to be all about favorite reads. The books you go back to time after time.

For me it’s Daggerspell. Rhodry was my first literary crush, I think was about 14 (and I wouldn't discover romance novels for another 12 years). I know it's not a romance, but there is romantic elements as well as past lives, magic and elves.

Imogene Nix
Mackenzies Mountain by Linda Howard.
This is one of my go-to books when I want something incredibly well written, emotive and just need to "read" for the sake of reading books. Gee, I hope that makes sense.  

First released in 2000, there's something totally amazing about this incredibly sensual half celt half native american man falling for the quintessential old maid school teacher, Miss Mary Potter. Wolf and Mary just burn up the pages as they fight against discrimination on the grounds of a false accusation and imprisonment for rape, a small town with an us and them mentality and a boy/man who thinks Wolf killed his father due to misunderstandings made worse by his mother's bitterness and his learning disability.

Seriously, this one is on my keeper shelf... and falling apart. :)

Then because I'm in a Linda Howard mood, I'm rereading Kiss and Tell. Another gutsy woman who has to deal with secrets, half truths and people making snap judgements. I love this one too. Again, it's on my keeper shelf. It's a 2003 release... maybe a little dated, but I love the writing and visuals.

Jenny Schwartz

I've also been on a re-reading binge. If you haven't discovered Ilona Andrews, you really should try her stories. Silver Shark is a novella that gives you a sense of her style.

What books do you re-read? What are your keepers?
happy reading

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