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Friday, May 3, 2013

Real Life Paranormal

With Cathleen Ross


When my daughter became a teenager, I found that if I told her not to do something, she'd want to do it. Nothing different about that, you say. I, however, was a different sort of mother. Having psychic ability, I'd cover her wrist with mine and read her psychically.

Once I was putting her to bed and a vision of an alcohol bottle appeared.
"You've been drinking."
"No I haven't."
"I have a vision of an alcohol bottle."
Teen put sheet over her head.

Despite finding out about the naughty teenage activities, I'd be able to predict what would happen in her life. With a teen, one doesn't have to be psychic to work out that they're going to try drinking, however my young teen was astounded that I knew what else was going on in her world. She'd insist that I put her to bed every night and read for her and we're still doing it ten years later, which means I have had a lot of practice.

People who aren't psychic don't know how channeling feels so I thought I'd try and explain it. The sensation is like warm honey, which starts when I put my wrist on the person's I'm reading for. It heats when I'm connecting to the energy/person/spirit guide, then the warm feeling runs up my arm through my shoulder and into my heart area.  My daughter will ask me questions. If the warm sensation glows in my heart area then the answer to her question is yes. If I get nothing, the answer is no or I'm not being shown.

Often I also have visions/words/symbols or a person will come through and want to say something. It's difficult to interpret symbols because there is no rule book.  I know now when I see clouds it means problems/delays. Sometimes I get words or I just know something. I was sitting near a friend not reading his energy as I always ask permission, but I knew his mother was going to die and he was about to head overseas. I asked him how his mother was and maybe it would be a good idea to visit her before he left. That was as far as I took it. She died when my friend landed in Europe and he had to turn around and come back again after a few hours in Europe for the funeral.

This is not an easy gift to have. It's my personal belief that it's not right to relay bad news, so I hedged around telling my friend about his mother's impending death. I knew he was being given the chance to say goodbye.

When I channel for someone, people don't realize that sometimes I am channeling from their guides. To do this, I have to ask permission from the guide to enter their dimension. Sometimes, they appear to me in human form, other times they are just energy. I remember feeling surprise from a couple of guides when I was channeling because I'm not supposed to reach them so easily, as they are in different dimensions. Think of it as tuning a radio. Sometimes you get nothing, sometimes crackle, other times a voice.

Sometimes the people who appear to me are relatives of the person I'm reading for. I have to be careful when this happens. Recently a girlfriend of mine showed me a household utensil that belonged to her mother who had just passed over. I immediately felt her mother wanting to talk to her daughter and explain why she had been so horrible to her. I could see things that I knew would hurt my girlfriend. I told her to put the utensil away. When I first started channeling I used to blurt out whatever was there, but I've got better at filtering information. Although connecting people to their loved ones can be healing, channeling comes with responsibility and it's important to do it right.

Cathleen Ross channeled The Black Douglas and knew she was meant to write Highlander. She is currently writing a fictional historical series based around the Bruce clan set against the history of the Scottish wars in the 1300s. Her latest release is Highlander in her Bed.



  1. Fantastic post, Cathleen. Thanks for sharing. As with all abilities it's a matter of experience and in this case learning about info to give. Or not give.

  2. I love learning about your psychic abilities, Cathleen. This subject always fascinates me!

  3. It's developed over time and with practise. It's a big responsibility and it's important to be ethical. It's only been in the last few years that I've been able to reach other dimensions where the guides hang out. I ask questions but they don't always answer. To a certain extent I've got better at turning it off so I'm not hit with stuff or visitors trying to get a message to a relative. That can be tough as I don't always know the person and I don't want to approach strangers.

  4. Really enjoyed this topic Cathleen, thanks for sharing with us =)

  5. Thanks Mel. It's a pleasure. I learn a bit more step by step. Only very rarely do I get help from my own guide. I recognise her when she steps in. I often ask for advice for myself but I rarely get an answer. It's frustrating seeing as I can help others but not myself. Whenever anything goes wrong I try to stay on the moral road even though many times it's easier to do otherwise.

  6. Thanks so much for trying to explain exactly the process that occurs for you. It's fascinating and having been "read" by you, I know it's an impressive gift you have. I love how you've developed it with time. Fantastic post. Thanks, Cathleen.

    Cath xox