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Friday, March 1, 2013

Real Life Paranormal

 With Eleni Konstantine


I do believe that people can have extra senses about the world around them that others, maybe even the majority, don’t have or don’t know how to access. I also believe animals are more attuned to senses.

This is not a spooky real life tale but a tale of sensing.

Many years ago, I had what I call the ‘Big crash’. My CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) flared up to a point I couldn’t work anymore, and also kicked my anxiety into high gear.

I was on the couch, with my eyes closed. In the background, the TV was on but I wasn’t concentrating on it. Couldn’t really concentrate on it at that stage. My head was in the biggest fog soup I’d ever been in and I was so tired, but couldn’t sleep properly. So suffice to say I was miserable and for a moment, I had thoughts that I really didn’t want to exist like this.

All this was going on in my head. While I had tears in my eyes I wasn’t sobbing. I was quiet.

Next thing I know I feel a wet nose against my arm. I opened up my eyes and my dog, Ari, who had been sleeping soundly on his matt, stood there, pushing against my arm. I patted him and he nuzzled me and then licked me. Now, Ari may have been an affectionate dog, but he never strayed from his mat when inside. He was an outside dog, so knew that the mat was his space.

At that moment, he gave me the love and support that I needed. He’d sensed my quiet distress and let me know I could count on his strength despite his own problems (he had bone cancer and a few weeks later we had no choice but to put him to sleep).

After some time, he gave me a look as making sure I was okay and headed back to the matt, where he kept an eye on me.

He was my doggie hero.

And yes, Rottweilers and big softies.


  1. I had a Rottie like that too! Roxy. Lost her to bone cancer a few days before her 9th b-day. She would comfort my small children when they cried :)

    1. Sharon, sorry to hear about losing, Roxy. It's an unfortunate part of life. And also unfortunate that Rotties tend to suffer from cancers a lot and hip problems. I bet your life is richer for having had her in your life.

  2. Eleni and Sharon, dogs are amazing animals, they truly are. Thanks for sharing your stories =)

    1. So true, Mel. They make you laugh and make you frustrated, but their loyalty is just amazing.

  3. What a beautiful moment between you and Ari. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad he was there for you when you needed him most.

    We had to put our kelpie to sleep 4 weeks ago. Cancer got the best of him, but he did make it to 15 and a half. He was our first 'baby' so to speak. He was very protective of his 'pack' and was always extra cute and snuggly when any one of us were feeling down.

    Sorry for your loss too, Sharon.

    1. Oh, no, sorry to hear that D.D. It's always sad to lose our fur babies. Glad you had that many years with your baby, though. I always remember the good times and not how they had to leave.

  4. Mel, that's a lovely story. And I'm willing to bet he's still around you, you just can't see him.


    1. Thanks, Maria. I do wonder sometimes if he is around. Well he's definitely still in my heart.

  5. It's true, they do seem to know when we're upset. He looks like a beautiful dog, very sad you had to lose him.

    1. Thanks, Rhyll. He was a stunning looking dog, though I used to wonder why people would cross the street when they saw me walk him. He was huge and black and that's all they saw. But he was the sweetest dog. We never had a problem.

  6. I apologise for my tardiness in reply. I had gone to Brisbane for the weekend this was on and totally forget to look when I returned. Thanks to all those who commented.

  7. That's a nice and saddening story Eleni.