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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Magic Thursday: Healing Hands

by Cathleen Ross

I'm playing with the concept of healing in my current work, A Knight in her Bed, my next Forbidden Fantasy. My heroine, who is the sister of the lord of the castle, wants to spend her life healing others instead of making a suitable marriage match, that is until she meets the wounded knight who is impressed with her skills.

I think there are some people who have the power to heal using energy. In medieval times, the local cunning woman would rely on magic and charms to heal. If the people of the castle were lucky their cunning woman would have an understanding of herbal medicine. Nowadays, we have modern medicine but medicine can't cure everything. We still have a variety of healers and I want to blog about an experience where going an alternate route helped me. 

Some time ago I went through an emotional time, a huge break up. I could have gone to a counselor for help but I went to a healer under whom I studied meditation. I'd studied with her for several years and knew she could read energy. When I told her about the incidence, she was able to look psychically at the people involved. She said to me, "These are not good people. Why are you grieving their loss?"

With those words it was like I could look at the situation with a different set of eyes. The grief vanished and a sense of contentment settled over me. I could feel her healing energy flowing through me and balance returned. Perhaps it was just the power of suggestion, I really didn't care. I just knew that I was released from this toxic relationship. 

She also taught me to envisage the people who had hooks in my heart, to take them out and send the hooks back with love to the people. This is a very good practice to use if you are suffering from something emotional because anxiety and misery can make you sick.

I modeled my heroine on the healer who helped me. In A Knight in her Bed my heroine only has to lay her hands on my wounded knight to calm him. It's through forgiveness of his enemies that the hero finds love and redemption.

Has anyone else used a healer? Has it helped? I'd love to know.


Cathleen has kindly offered a giveaway of one of her Forbidden Fantasy stories. Just comment for your chance to win. 


  1. The closest I've come to this is seeing a physio who I thought was a born healer. She just seemed to be able to heal through touch in a way I've never experienced from other health professionals.

  2. It's amazing when real healers work in the profession. I've come across this too.

  3. I haven't used one myself, but my sister-in-law is clairvoyant and a healer. She uses reiki and angel therapy. Interestingly, it appears the NHS is now looking at more alternative treatments to offer their patients. Can only be a good thing!

    1. Hi Christina
      Do her patients get better? Interesting that NHS is possibly going to cover her treatments.

  4. A lady who I do Tai Chi with does do Reiki. She's used it on me when I've been feeling unwell - that and the Tai Chi itself has dulled it a little. I do think there are those with these abilities. And I think unlike me, they are in tune with the calmness of the universe. I think my mind just chatters too much.

    1. I've seen Reiki change people's lives. I'd like to study it one day. It's on my bucket list.

  5. I forgot to say that I find this very fascinating, Cathleen. Thanks for the fascinating post.

  6. Years ago I went out with a man who was studying shiatsu massage. His hands seemed to emit a warmth and healing energy that I've never discovered since. Of course, as he was still studying, I did the only thing possible...I donated my body for the betterment of learning ;0)

  7. Laree
    I think you should have married him. How nice would that be?