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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Magic Thursday: Your Opinion is needed

Righto, I didn't get any responses to my question that was in the Weekly Overview regarding the blog, so I'm thinking because it was at the bottom of the post people may have missed it.

I'm in the process of thinking about redesigning the blog, and thought this would be a good time to ask about what you like and don't like about this blog.

This also includes content. What would you like to see MORE of, or LESS of? What do you like about the blog? What don't you like about the blog? Are you happy with dark look of the blog, or would you prefer it to be more traditional?

To help you along, here are the columns we do

Weekly Overview - shows what is coming up in the coming week, and where the DarkSiders were in the past week.  (Weekly on Sundays)

Good News Day - pretty self explanatory - good news of our members (Weekly on Tuesdays)

A Bite of... -  has an extract from our member's works. (Fortnightly on Wednesdays)

Magic Thursday - blog posts about different topics by our members regarding books, the paranormal, myth and magic. Sometimes with giveaways, which are announced on Mondays. (Weekly on Thurdays)

What We Are Reading - a look at what DarkSider members have read and a quick review. (Monthly on Fridays)

Darklight On... a spotlight on one of our members (monthly on Saturdays)

Enchanted Orb - a look at the inspiration behind the stories (monthly on Saturdays).

We also have pages of Latest Releases and Upcoming releases, Book Trailers, Our Member Web Hangouts, Our Bios, Contest news (for writers), Agent and review site info, and market news.

Basically, now is the perfect time to speak up. All comments will be taken into consideration, fed into our computer, collated, analysed, correlated, go into warp speed to come to the conclusion of what we should do next.


So okay, you have got me there. While all comments will be considered, it will be by the blog team. So help the team out and less know.

You can leave comments below, or if you prefer, you can email us at darksidedownunderATgmail.com


~Eleni and the blog team


  1. Hi Eleni,

    I like the current look of the blog, but sometimes I find there's too much content. I don't often have a lot of time and so have to skip large chunks in order to read the essentials - for that day.
    Otherwise, layout and design is good.

  2. Hey, Eleni.

    I love what the team does with DSDU. I think it's a great, interesting mix of short and long, serious and hilarious, pubbed and unpubbed.

    I particularly enjoy what we are reading, and Darklights. Oh, and the good news. That's always wicked! :)

    Keep up the great work!