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The Black Tide
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Overview


Mon 14 May - WINNER of Shona's giveaway announced


Wed 16 - A BITE OF.... with Shona Husk

Thurs 17 - MAGIC THURSDAY: Nicole Murphy with giveaway of The Right Connection

(Where we've been this week)


  • Writer's and First World Problems
  • Winner Kate Forsyth book give-away

  • RWAustralia RuBY Finalists!!!
  • In a galaxy far, far away with...Sharon Fisher
  • Goodreads Giveaway!
  • From the Bookshelf...The Half-Light City series

  • The next self-publication will be a gadda story
  • Some thoughts on feminism… and poop?
  • How to survive self-publishing – a guest post
  • Thanks for the support
  • This week in writing

  • An Interview with...Amanda J. Greene
  • More cover art :)

  • Today's writing adventure

  • RIP of faithful computer!

  • Currently reading....Song of Scarabeus by Sara Creasy

  • Gaff and hook your reader - they'll love you for it

  • Archangel of Mercy - Pre-order at Discounted price

  • Ups and downs in the microcosm of my existance

  • Some BIG news

  • Blood Kin giveaway

  • How motivated are you?

  • A New Map of the Universe by Annabel Smith

  • Tuesday Tunes: Tear jerkers


  • As you can see above I've changed the format of the Weekly Overview posts. I'm putting the blog next to the name and the list of blog posts underneath. This makes it easier for me to compile and right now, with time being tight, it's the best way for me to work. Now, if there is a blog post elsewhere, I will link the title of the blog to differentiate. 

  • Happy Mother's Day to all the mums, grandmums, godmums, step-mums, surrogate mums, second mums et al!!!!

Have a great week!

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