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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magic Thursday: Top 5 reasons to go to RT

(from my recent and limited experience)

I travelled around the USA in April. One of the reasons for the trip was to go to the Romantic Times Convention in Chicago. Sourcebooks is based in Chicago so it was also a chance for me to see the offices, meet my editor and all the people who work behind the scenes to get the book to the shelf.

Putting aside that reason to go, here are 5 other reasons to go to RT.

1)      Networking with authors

There are hundreds of authors at RT from all different publishing houses and also self-published, all there to talk writing. Just by meeting and talking to people there’s a lot to learn about publishing.

2)      Publisher spotlights

This is where you can hear about the publisher from the publisher, the editors and other staff (like cover artists and marketing people). Also included are tips about what they are seeking and what they see too much of.

3)      Parties!

There are parties every night. Some are put on by authors others by publishers. Again it’s a chance to network—you never know who you might end up talking to.

4)      Books

Errr, watch the suitcase weight. There are books everywhere. I got a stack of free ones, plus I bought some at the signing and then there were more in the goody room. I also cruised down promo alley and picked up a couple of bookmarks about books that sounded interesting. I know bookmarks are meant to be passé but I love them and use them.

5)      Readers

Without readers my stories wouldn’t live. As this is a convention for readers they are everywhere looking to meet their favourite author and meet new ones. There are also booksellers, librarians and bloggers. The book fair on Saturday was an amazing experience and a chance to sign books and talk to readers. I also signed at the ebook expo but it was much smaller.

RT was a lot of fun. I’d love to go every year.

Now that I’ve lugged all the books home I’ve got some to giveaway. Some I read while I was away—I had to read something on the way home J (but they are in excellent condition). Plus I’ll include my newest release, Kiss of the Goblin Prince which Sourcebooks was able to have ready 2 weeks early for the book signing (and it sold out).

The prize includes:

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star by Heather Rigaud

The Sun Sword by Lexxie Cooper

Devil’s Bargain by Jade Lee

Kiss of the Goblin Prince (signed) by Shona Husk

One lucky commenter will win all 4 books (Australian residents only). Winner drawn 14th May.


  1. HI Shona, you make me want to attend the RT. Will have to put that on the 'to do' list.

    Glad you had a good time. :)

  2. It certainly sounds like you had oodles of fun. I would love to go the RT one day...maybe :D

  3. Hi Shona, I heard a lot about RT from a friend who attended.
    I was told J.R. Ward needed to have her bodyguards clear people out of the bathrooms so she could use the toilet in privacy.

    Can you imagine having that sort of fame? Wow. What a dream.

    One day I hope to make it to a big romance writers/readers conference. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience.

  4. Hey Shona, great post! Thanks for giving us an insight into RT - as a newbie to writing, getting my head around conferences/conventions can be confusing, so info like this is excellent.

  5. Wow, it sounded like you had a fantastic time Shona. What a great experience. I guess one of the things that makes the RT different is its focus on readers. As an author it must be really nice to meet people (face to face) who have read and love your work. I will definately have to put it on my "to do" list

  6. Sounds like the best trip. I'm pea-green!!!!

  7. Sounds completely fabulous, Shona. Love how you mentioned the readers. They make a writers world go 'round. :)

    Great post!


  8. I was at RT last year, in Los Angeles, and absolutely loved it for all the reasons you mentioned. It's such a great place to go, meet folks, hang out with friends, make new ones...

    And then there's all the free books :) I was very sad I couldn't go this year, hopefully my first time won't be my last.