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Friday, December 23, 2011

What We Are Reading

Welcome to December’s  What We Are Reading column. Today, we have Maggie Mundy, Mel Teshco, Nicola E. Sheridan and Jodie Smith.

Maggie Mundy
~ Many Lives, Many Masters ~ Dr. Brian Weiss
The book I am reading is called Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. The front cover says. The true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient and the past life therapy that changed both their lives. I have read about two thirds of the book and it does seem incredible that the woman who is his patient can remember so many different things from previous lives, however very little seems to be able to be confirmed. The side of the book I found more interesting was when the patient spoke with the voice of the masters and tried to convey to Dr. Weiss information on philosophy and the meaning of life. Dr Weiss is Jewish and found excepting the concept of reincarnation difficult, that was until he researched the bible and found that there had been mention of it but it was removed in 300ad and 500ad. The church felt it could not control the populace as well if they thought they could come back and get it right next time. I am enjoying reading it as it is presented in an accessible format. I was disappointed that he does not have footnotes for information on other doctors in the field. But at the end of the day it seems odd that a highly respected doctor would jeopardise his career on a whim. Whether you believe him or not he is totally convinced what he has observed is true.

Nicola E. Sheridan
~ Raine ~ Elizabeth Amber.
OK, I will confess I’m a little embarrassed to admit I read this, but curiosity got the better of me (as it so often does).

“Raine” is the second book in Elizabeth Amber’s Lords of Satyr series. I initially read the first as I wanted to see how other writers were treating their Satyrs... Ummm. Well, suffice to say these Satyrs are different in more ways than one (forgive the pun) as every full moon they grow an extra ding-dong. No really. They do.

“Raine” is based on Raine Satyr, one of three Satyr brothers and his half faerie mate. Jordan, his partner, is not your ordinary heroine... oh no, because she is also a he. Jordan is a hermaphrodite, and has been living as a man her entire life in order to accept her inheritance. Except on every birthday, she’s forced by the sinister Salerno to pose masked and nude before a crowd of artists and doctors in a sort of medical freak show (think Embarrassing Bodies 1600’s style). This is where Raine finds her, and Jordan, desperate to be treated as a woman, follows him.

The romance is surprisingly sweet, which lessens the ‘OMG!’ factor. This book also has an Über disgusting villain – who quite literally gave me nightmares. I’m still not sure that syphilis should ever be mentioned in an erotic romance... Anyway if you want to read a VERY different kind of erotic romance, I’d suggest starting with “Nicholas” (book 1) and if you’re curiosity has peaked then go ahead and try “Raine”. I’m not sure if I’m personally ready for book 3 yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

 ~ How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse ~ by Cressida Cowell
I love these books. I read them to my children, affecting crappy Scottish accents and having a blast. With characters like Big-Boobied Bertha, Norbert the Nutjob and Dogsbreath the Duhbrain it is sure to keep children and adults alike thoroughly entertained. Filled with dragons, Vikings, Hysterics, Hooligans and more, these are some of the best (if not some of the grossest) kids books I’ve read in years.

Here’s the blurb;

In his 4th sidesplitting adventure, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III must rescue his best friend, Fishlegs, from the deadly disease Vorpentitis. The only cure is rare and almost impossible to find...a potato. But where will Hiccup find such a thing? He'll have to dodge the terrible Sharkworms, battle Doomfangs, and outwit crazy Hooligans if he's going to be a Hero...again.

A fast paced plot, slapstick humor, witty dialogue and imaginative black and white illustrations enhance this exciting tale.

Mel Teshco
~ Dead Until Dark ~ Charlaine Harris

Okay I bought the Charlaine Harris series of books long before I watched the True Blood series. And unfortunately the books stayed on my TBR pile for a good 12 months or more before I even got around to reading book 1...

For me, knowing the story line – at least the TV adaptation, ruined my enjoyment of the story. I love turning the pages not knowing how everything will unfold...

Okay, what I loved about DUD (g) was the first person POV – to me it’s like reading someone’s diary, somehow it feels more personal and in-depth. It also makes for a nice change after writing (forever) in third person. And yes, even knowing the story I liked the concept of Sookie being able to read minds, plus the fact she’s just an ordinary girl in every other way.

For those who don’t know the story line, the heroine and main character is Sookie Stackhouse, a cocktail waitress in Louisiana. She meets and very quickly falls for ‘vampire Bill’ – and loves him all the more because she can’t read his mind. What bliss! After the ceaseless voices she picks up on and has to constantly block.

The book has lots of interesting characters—Sookie’s brother, their grandmother. Not to mention all the great characters she works with (again, I can’t help but picture the characters from the TV series instead of using my imagination).

There are a few twists and turns with a murder or two that leaves you guessing, and I think Charlaine does a great job in hiding who really is the killer. Particularly good since Sookie has a fair idea she’s the next victim-to-be.

Oh, and I can’t help but be intensely interested in the secondary character—vampire Eric. Whether it’s from the TV series or the book, I’m really not quite sure *g*

~ A Hunger Like No Other ~ Kresley Cole
I was introduced to Kresley Cole by our very own C.T Green, a HUGE fan. And I have to say I’m very impressed with this author and will definitely be reading more of her books.

In short, the book opens with lykae, Lachlain MacRieve enduring horrendous torture (burning) from some members of the vampire horde. Sensing his predestined mate, he uses every last ounce of his strength to break free from the manacles that have bound him for too many years. He’s outraged to discover his mate is actually half vampire (& half valkyrie) and despises himself for wanting her.

I loved the fact the hero Emmaline starts out as a bit of a mouse in the courage stakes—it makes a change from the kick but heroines I adore. But of course, (spoiler alert) Emmaline grows in the story, becoming something she’d never have believed possible and defeating the very monster no warrior has before her.

And all the while ‘her’ Lachlain falls desperately in love with her, the hardened lykae willing to move heaven and earth to keep her as his own =)

Jodie C
~ The Lawman ~ Lily Graison
You should have seen my happy dance when I found out I would be getting an ARC of The Lawman. These feet were movin baby - movin I tells ya.

When asked to review the latest Lily Graison release, I had no hesitation. Lily is one of my go-to girls for sexy romances that always leave me sated with a warm, happy smile on my face. So today was a good day for me.

Yet again I wasn’t disappointed by Lily’s work. The Lawman was a torturously seductive story, with the perfect mix of romance, drama and heat between two characters that made me glow with excitement.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Lawman himself – was a roguishly handsome, sex god of a man, with his green eyes, long dark hair and a ravenous appetite for Abigail. While Abby on the other hand was far from timid and had a long list of secrets that kept surprising me right till the final chapter.

I devoured this book in one afternoon, enjoying the emotional ride and feeling 100% invested in the way Abigail and Morgan's story would turn out.

I honestly cannot wait until the second and subsequent books are released in this series.

~ Size Matters ~ Stephanie Julian

Size Matters was exactly the type of book I needed when I started reading it.

It was written with a great voice, was smooth and easy to read as well as being funny enough to have me chuckling - out loud I might add, which doesn’t happen too often - and had the perfect amount of steam.

To be honest I was a bit dubious about how the book was going to turn out when it started with the heroine having sex with a complete stranger, without even knowing what he looked like, let alone his name. But Stephanie Julian pulled it off and had me enjoying every single minute of it.

The concept was a refreshing approach to paranormal romance/erotica and I sincerely hope the author writes more in this series!

One of my favourite quotes:

Collapsing over her, breathing like a freight train, he pressed a kiss to her forehead and whispered, "Name's Tim. Nice to meet you."


 Have a safe and happy holiday.
May your stockings be stuffed with awesome books!


  1. Mel I too am a massive Kresley Cole fan - I've been devouring her books ever since I discovered them!

  2. Maggie, I read that book a while back - amazing, isn't it? It blew my mind :)

    You guys have some nice reading material here...and I'm so stopping myself downloading more books (for now anyway!)...but I'm sure the lure will catch me again in about 5 minutes!!