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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's Good News....


Cathleen Ross
The Lover is the next Forbidden Fantasy tale out now. The cover is sizzling!

Nicole Murphy
How Astrid Found Her Passion is a short story released by Nicole. You can get it from Smashwords or Amazon.

Jess Anastasi
Singularity, Book 3 of the Sanctuary series, is out now by Noble Romance Publishing.

Lilliana Rose
Christmas Wings is by Lilliana's alter ego, Lily Rose. It is a short e-story suitable for 12 year olds or for those adults who love a little dark fantasy. It is available from Lulu. Just in time for Christmas!


Erica Hayes
I can't say it better than Publisher's Marketplace....
Erica Hayes’ new dark paranormal romance series, beginning with REVELATION, set in a decadent, near-future Manhattan, in which a young medical examiner who’s lost her faith must team up with a fallen angel warrior to stop a gang of demons hijacking the Apocalypse and creating hell on earth, in a two-book deal to Leis Pederson at Berkley by Marlene Stringer at The Stringer Literary Agency (World).


Imogene Nix
Imogene has finalled in the futuristic/fantasy/paranormal section of the Show Me the Spark Contest by the Heartland Romance Authors.

Peta Crake
Peta has finalled in the Get Your Stilletto In The Door contest by the Chick Lit Writers.

Good luck in the finals, ladies!


Keri Arthur
A fabulous review for Darkness Unbound over at USA Today's Happily Ever After blog. Here's a snippet:
"Keri Arthur has again blown me away. Her worlds are so complex and "real." By that, I mean her characters are not only intricate, but the plots within plots are constantly overlapping one another. We have a kidnapping attempt, a soul stealing, a stalking reaper, an absentee father, the gates of Hell, magic tattoos and so much more. It's all just as complicated as real life, with the paranormal element thrown in to suspend the reader's disbelief."

Jenny Schwartz
A Clockwork Christmas anthology got a 5 P review from the Phantom Paragrapher, which includes reviewing Wanted: One Scoundrel. Here's a snippet:

"Clockwork Christmas was an amazing anthology and trying to come up with a favourite one was difficult as they each brought something different to the writing deck. We had Crime Wave in A Corset which I loved the chemistry between Coddington and Peabody and of course I could imagine the costumery. We had This Winter Heart which shared the love and bonds of Father and Son , Wanted: One Scoundrel which I loved due to the Australian setting as to me it was close to home type story and finally Far From Broken, had that strong theme of Never giving up and Love Never Dies - the passion that was shared despite all odds between Callie and Jasper and as she came out I felt for her and imagined how hard it would have been - its beyond imaginable the pain, hurt and betrayal she felt."


Amanda Ashby
Not only have we got one upcoming cover, nor two, but the three covers in Sophie's Mixed Up Magic series. Wishful Thinking and Under a Spell is due for release June 2012, with Out of Sight due September 2012.


Jenny Schwartz
The short poem, They Hold My Heart will be part of Dwarf Stars anthology by the Science Fiction Poetry association. Well done, Jenny!

Well done everyone.

More good news next week....


  1. Stacks of good news!! Well done Darksiders, and thanks Eleni for posting it all =)

  2. Thanks Eleni for your time and work in posting The Lover. The cover is my favorite at the moment.

  3. You're welcome ladies. I do love spreading good news :)

  4. I love Amanda Ashby's covers! They're such fun. And wow, Cathleen! The Lover cover is hot! That's the reason they can't possibly get rid of print books. What would we fan ourselves with after staring at that cover for hours?

    Thanks Eleni for putting this together. My list is growing ...