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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's Good News...


Keri Arthur
Here is the cool cover for the UK version of Darkness Devours, Book 3 of the Dark Angel series.


Janni Nell
Book 3 of the Allegra Fairweather Mystery series, has sold to Carina Press!


Kitty Bucholtz
Little Miss Lovesick is out now! Check Kitty's blog for details.


Amanda Ashby
Fairy Bad Day gets a great review at City Book Review. Here's a snippet.

"Full of action, entertaining banter, and fairies (of course), Fairy Bad Day is a fun paranormal read that any young adult fan would enjoy putting on their summer reading list."

Cathleen Ross
Love Lust and Lies got a 4 star review over at Romantic Times! Here's the review:

"Italian traditions form the foundation of this engaging novel that is filled with both humor and sadness as the heroine tries to find herself by engaging in a liaison with a much younger man.

When Gabriella catches her husband, Tony, in an affair, she throws him out. When super-sexy Italian hunk Dave initiates sex with her in the exclusive penthouse she’s showing him, she’s ripe and ready. He’s young and gorgeous and thinks she’s 30. Despite the fact that she’s actually 11 years his senior, she embarks on a glorious affair. He even buys the expensive apartment, which thrills her boss. Complications arise when she’s asked to be matron of honor at her best friend’s wedding. Who is the best man but her ex? This causes Dave’s ugly green monster to stir, because he’s fallen in love with Gabby and wants to marry her -- but Tony decides he wants her too." 


Supanova Brisbane 2011
Three of our DarkSiders will be guest authors at Supanova - Tracey O'Hara, Keri Arthur and Rowena Cory Daniells.

Fantastic news, ladies. Congratulations.
Join us next week for some more good news.

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