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The Black Tide
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly Overview

Coming up this week...

Tues 2 Aug
Good News Day

Thur 4
Magic Thursday -  Maree Anderson with Secrets Anthology giveaway

Sat 6
Darklight On… Maggie Mundy

DarkSider Trekking...

  • Kylie had the following on her blog:
Mon 25 -  Guest Author: Jean Adams
Wed 26 - Link to a Debut author's take on self publishing
Thurs 28 -  Who's that Girl? Interview Toni Kenyon (from RWNZ)
Sat 30- Conference Highlights 5: RWAmerica Photos...what an experience.
*Mark your diary - Mon 18th July - Guest Author: Jean Adams * 

What's Up...

  • We have a new DarkSider member, Sandra Harris. Welcome, Sandra!

  • Peta has a new website. Check it out!

Until next week!


  1. Have we all been busy or what? Phew!

    Thanks Eleni, for collating this wonderful list - I've had a great surf during my arvo tea break - but now must get back to the WIP. Deadline is tomorrow! :-)

  2. We have indeed been very busy. :))

    Glad to give a few moments of distraction during your break, Kylie. Good luck with the deadline.