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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's Good News....


Shona Husk
How To Breathe Fire received a 3.5 star review from Jo-Anne at Strange Candy Reviews

"How to Breathe Fire is a wonderful short read. I really liked the fantasy element, with our heroine being sacrificed to the Fire God who watches over her home. Camea is not like most other young women, she has big dreams and tries to concoct a plan to escape. She's a strong character, willing to fight for what she believes in and is willing to use her assets to get her freedom. She doesn't count on her feelings getting in the way of her plans. Matai has lived for hundreds of years and is tired of his existence. He's shocked when he takes Camea as his bride. She isn't like any of the others. Matai is literally smokin' hot and together they light up the pages. I find with novellas that I'm really getting into the story and characters then its over. It's hard to get too invested in them. Although How to Breathe Fire is one I recommend getting your hands on. I am looking forward to Shona's first full length novel later this year."

H.C. Brown
Betrothed to the Enemy received a 9.5 rating at Seriously Reviewed.

Ms. Brown does an amazing job of capturing the reader and drawing her into the story. The characters are well-developed as is the plot. Little details enrich the story and lend authenticity to the setting. The love scenes are nicely done. Who knew knights and maidens could be so creative and naughty?
My favorite aspect of the story were the conflicts. First, Lady Angela was forced to deal with a new king who was not only responsible for the death of her father, but was also threatening to take her lands. Then there’s the conflict that arises when she finds herself attracted to a Norman. And, or course, there’s the jealousy and insecurity that go hand-in-hand with new love. Throw in the huge obstacle of a forced betrothal to a depraved old man, and you’ve got a winner! 
So, why not a 10? Well, I wanted more, a little more description and a little more conflict in certain places. 
Can’t wait to read more offerings from Ms. Brown!


Jenny Schwartz 

Carina Press has accepted the Steampunk novella, Support Your Local Suffragette, which will be published in December 2011.


Romance Writers of Australia's Valerie Parv Award
Both Michelle de Rooy and Bec Skrabl are finalists in this competition. These two are running, hot, hot, hot.

Free Read

Shona Husk
The short story Throw Your Arms Around Me is available for reading on Truly Madly Deeply Romance Authors.

Congratulations all.
Join us next week for some more good news...

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