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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's Good News!


Amanda Ashby
The Australian rights to Fairy Bad Day has been sold to Penguin Australia! Congrats Amanda!!


Nicola E. Sheridan
The print edition of Magical Gains is out now!!


Keri Arthur
Here's the UK cover of Darkness Rising. Absolutely stunning!


H.C. Brown
Cyber Dom: Fane was given a 4 star review by Manic Readers. Congrats H.C!

Christina Phillips
Forbidden has received a Gold Star Award review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews (actual review is not on the site yet. This link is to the homepage.)

Upcoming Releases

Pia Moonglow
Don't Press Enter will be released under the new banner of Noble Young Adult Romance on 11 April. The website for this imprint is still not up yet.


  1. Congrats to everyone!

    "Fairy Bad Day" is a fab title :)

  2. Isn't it great Jenny!!! Very clever.

  3. Eleni - wow - thank you for posting that news! I'm pretty excited! And Jenny, thanks for the kind words! I literally wrote the whole book around that title!

  4. It's fab news and we get to see your book on the shelf!! Yay!

  5. They all have great covers! Fairy Bad Day is such a clever title .